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Hello Students ,

This is Online Live  Course Program :  By Kumar Sir

This course Package contains Video Lectures ( Pre- Recorded ) with Notes , Solutions and MCQ's on Following Chapters according to syllabus of Lucknow University , as well  Live Classes.  support for discussion on the topics / doubt clearing session.


1.  Algebra of Matrices.

2. Rank of Matrix.

3. Systems of Linear Equations.

4. Characteristic Roots and Characteristic value problems 


1. Relation and Functions,

2. Group Theory.

3. Permutation Groups.

4. Co-sets and Theorems on it.

5. Normal Sub-Groups.

6. Rings , Integral domains and Fields,

 7. Ideals and Ring of Homomorphisms.


• PDF Notes /study material , which student can download.

• Chapter-wise Video Lectures with full explanations.

• Solutions of Exercises in pdf.

• Chapter-wise Online MCQ's for Practice.

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